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Understanding the $25 Billion Settlement and How it Affects you

In February, the United States government reached a settlement with our country’s five largest banks on charges of mortgage fraud, as the banks would routinely sign documents foreclosing on homes without proper review or handling of the borrowers’ accounts. The $25 billion settlement is the largest of its kind and has the potential to help over a million homeowners. The…
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After a Short Sale: Getting into your Next Home

In many situations, a short sale can be an effective way to prevent foreclosure by selling your home for less than the balance on the loan. Once a buyer is found, the bank will often let you walk away from your home and with some money as well to help you with the moving costs. One thing most homeowners will…
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5 Most Important Things to Look For in a Loan Modification Company

Since the real estate crisis began, homeowners have been seeking various ways to avoiding losing their homes and preventing foreclosure. The introduction of loan modification programs led to many unethical companies appearing that preyed on the homeowners who were in trouble. Since then, laws have been passed to protect the homeowners from such dangerous companies, the most significant one being…
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